Pure Muscle Fitness Center. Private, Semi-Private, & Group Fitness and Nutrition.




Pure Muscle would like to encourage everyone to embrace a fitness lifestyle. Feel free to give us a try without fear of obligation. We will show you what we are about, assess what limitations and asymmetires might hinder your desired progress, develop a program to correct and strengthen those limitations and quickly help you achieve your goals. Click here to Try our Free/No Obligation Assessment and Evaluation. Our staff cannot wait to meet you! Come by and find out why we love what we can do for you!



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The personal trainers at Pure Muscle will teach you how to reach your ultimate physical goals. We will teach you how to work out efficiently and how to eat properly. Our main focus is to ensure safety and reach results quickly.




group-training2Pure Muscle offers small group classes with a personal training approach meant to quickly help you increase your aerobic threshold and get lean and fit. These classes are individualized by the personal trainer teaching them so that the classes can help everyone better achieve their goals You may find yourself more motivated and pushing yourself harder when working out in a group.







Come join us at Pure Muscle for a dance based workout! Like Zumba, it's a party! This class is great for anyone who likes to move, laugh and have fun.
Come to the class and meet new friends or just bring some along with you.






femalekickboxerPure Muscle's Kickboxing classes consist of a group of martial arts and stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching that have been developed to help promote fitness through the sport of kickboxing. The techniques used during the one-hour classes, using conventional heavy bags and training pads, are based on authentic kickboxing techniques which provide both resistance training and cardiovascular benefits to its participants.  We begin our kickboxing classes with a light warm-up and some active stretches and/or foam rolling.  We include training that has a series of repetitive punches, hand strike, kicks and other self-defense moves.